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WE ALL are Mozilla! This was the main message of my talk Mozilla: A brief Introduction_ at the Berlin Mozilla Tech Weekend. Why am I writing this in my MozFest experience blog entry? For starters because the wrap up post for the Mozilla Tech Weekend event is still in the pipeline. But also, because exactly this experience inspired most of that talk.

I was lucky enough to be part of the participation leaders cohort at MozFest. But let me tell you the very early steps of my life as a mozillian. After moving to Berlin in April 2014 I was looking for a community of like minded people. I have been in love with Firefox forever and wanted to contribute for quite some time. After graduating and moving away from my beloved community in Karlsruhe (AKK) there was finally the time and energy to start this. But unfortunately there was no Berlin Mozilla Community. Nonetheless, there was this event called Mozilla Hacking Day Germany in Berlin the same month I moved there. And there I met Michael Kohler a Mozilla Rep, which eventually got me to start a Berlin Mozilla Community. I will cover the whole story about the beginning of this Berlin Mozilla Community in another blog post.

A couple of months after the Mozilla Weekend Berlin 2015 I started to organize biweekly Berlin Mozilla Community meetings to get this started. The Mozilla Tech Weekend was our first event! My experience at MozFest empowered me to talk about Mozilla in a way more powerful way. My feeling of being a part of this helped me to spread this feeling. This is why I really believe it when I say: WE ALL are Mozilla. Everyone who wants to work toward our common mission should say this out loud and feel it! There are people all over the world feeling that way. Get to know them, help each other and tell people why openness, innovation and opportunity on the web are so important.

Some of things I talked about at MozFest, which will influence my next year:

After this experience, I guess my yearly attendance to MozFest is set in stone. And I recommend this event to everyone who is interested in an open web, a world of empowered people or maybe just loves Mozilla.

See you at MozFest 2016!